Labour’s vision for the Borough

This manifesto is an overview of the Tunbridge Wells Labour Party’s priorities and actions for 2022 going forward.  Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is changing. The Conservatives are likely to lose control of the Council in May 2022 and Labour will have not only a voice but real influence over future policy and action. We need a plan for a post-COVID Tunbridge Wells which genuinely creates a better Borough to be proud of and where everyone can thrive.


Other parties have already adopted some of our ideas and policies. We are pleased to see that and it is good that the opposition parties are working well together for the benefit of our residents.  If Tunbridge Wells, its residents, its businesses, its culture, its heritage are to flourish, everyone needs to embrace our five policy areas outlined in this manifesto. These are the key areas residents have told us are most important to them.


As the Leader of the Labour Group of Councillors on Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, I can absolutely commit to all our energies being focused on representing the borough’s residents – we want everyone to flourish and succeed.  This manifesto sets out our ambitions to achieve that.


Hugo Pound

Labour Councillor for Sherwood Ward

Leader, Labour Group, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council