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Local Election Manifesto 2021


People and businesses in the Borough of Tunbridge Wells have suffered massively from the COVID pandemic. Retail and hospitality especially has seen income devastated along with the employment that they provide for local people. Small businesses and the self-employed have been especially hit hard. Casual and insecure work, unemployment and poverty has increased, as has reliance on support
from local food banks and new community food larders. To respond well to the impact of COVID we need to do things differently now more than ever.

Tunbridge Wells town centre was already needing urgent attention to make it fit for the future before COVID hit. The pandemic has accelerated the decline in the retail offer and has led to even more empty shops. We have all the ingredients needed for the town to become the ‘Jewel in Kent’s Crown’, we just need to make that happen
through the decisions our councillors make.

To make our borough the thriving and prosperous place it should be, it needs a council with a vision and plan. The Conservative led council has failed local residents for decades and we need change. More Labour councillors will help to transform our Borough by working to deliver:

– A post COVID recovery plan for all
– The revitalisation of our towns and villages
– Genuinely affordable housing to buy and rent
– Real action on the climate and biodiversity emergency
– A council that listens to its residents

We want a borough that supports businesses, creates well paid jobs and apprenticeships and provides access to housing, education, health, recreational facilities and green spaces for all. A borough where all are welcome and able to live and thrive. We will work in co-operation with other parties, residents, businesses, community and faith groups to deliver a better Tunbridge Wells.

Labour will work tirelessly to make our towns and villages the ‘go to’ places to live, work, eat, drink, socialise, learn, play and grow up in. Rather than stagnating, they can be vibrant again – buzzing with life, arts, culture, education and employment. By making our borough more attractive to invest in and green it can thrive.

With improved public transport connections across the Borough, less pollution, high quality affordable homes for residents to live in and increased employment due to more activity, we can regain rightful pride in our towns, villages and our communities.

Tunbridge Wells is a fantastic place to live but it can be even better!
To do this we need your support to elect new Labour councillors.

Cllr Dianne Hill
Leader Labour Group, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council



  1. Priority One – A post COVID recovery plan for all
  2. Priority Two – Revitalisation of our towns and villages
  3. Priority Three – Provision of genuinely affordable housing to buy and rent
  4. Priority Four – Real action on the climate and biodiversity emergency
  5. Priority Five – A Council that listens to what residents say