Fabian Society

What does the Fabian Society do in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells?

Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Fabians is a group of people who are interested in political and social issues and enjoy discussing them with other people. You do not have to be a member of the Labour Party to join the Fabians, some of our most active members are outside the Labour Party and we welcome all centre to left party members to our meetings, including the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats, who are often to be seen there.

We meet about once a month and invite a guest speaker to talk about a topical political issue. Our programme can be found here.  Afterwards there is always a discussion period (usually very lively) when all present are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and views. Speakers come from a wide diversity of backgrounds, politics, the media, government officials, Protest groups, there is no bar except that the subject of the discussion must be interesting. We respect the views of all participants.

​Martin Clay
01892 533240