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Tunbridge Wells Labour

Tory meltdown – but will they listen?

By Martin Betts, Vice Chair, TWCLP. Labour was given a significant boost at the Borough Council elections on 2 May – winning two seats in Southborough and High Brooms and Sherwood and just missing a victory in Paddock Wood West on the toss of a coin. In these elections local Conservatives were given a massive […]

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Tunbridge Wells Labour

Southborough Hub – a lesson to be learned

Published in the Times of Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge 2 November 2016 We agree that Southborough town centre needs a complete makeover. Those of us who live and work here have seen the results of years of underinvestment by our local councils. The shopping area has lost its vibrancy, we have our own derelict pub site, […]

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Labour holds Southborough seat with increased majority

Dianne Hill scored a historic win in Southborough and High Brooms Ward. She got 52% of the total vote and a 466 majority over her Conservative opponent – giving her a strong mandate to speak up alongside other Labour councillors against the secrecy surrounding the local town centre development. Although Labour did not achieve any other wins in […]

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Questions to STC

Time running out on RVH and Southborough Hub Development

We reported on the 28 February that the last meeting of the Southborough Town Council (STC) again turned down requests by the Friends of the Royal Victoria Hall to run the hall whilst the Southborough Hub plans were being worked up and consulted on. Disappointed, but not defeated, the FoRVH vowed to fight on and […]

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Tony Benn quote

‘Now you have got me, abuse me’

To misquote Sir David Salomon’s words about the Royal Victoria Hall (RVH), the RVH has been ‘abused’ and left mothballed – indefinitely – by Conservative led Tunbridge Wells Borough and Southborough Town Councils. An excellent Courier article described what happened at the Tunbridge Wells Borough meeting on Wednesday. Essentially the Council washed its hands of the RVH and […]

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Old pic of RVH

Wise words from David Salomons

 ‘Now you have got me, use me!’ These are the words that Sir David Salomon used about the Royal Victoria Hall (RVH), Southborough, soon after it was opened in 1900. And this is what campaigners to save the RVH from demolition will be saying to Tunbridge Wells Borough and Southborough Town Councils at two important Council meetings […]

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RVH we are not amused

RVH Campaign Moves to Borough Council

Friends of the Royal Victoria Hall (FRVH) will be moving their campaign to save the first municipal theatre in England from the threat of demolition to the next full meeting of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, on Wednesday 25 February. Vice Chair of FRVH, Jason Reeves, will be putting their case to the Borough Council supported by Labour […]

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Questions for Borough Council about Southborough Hub

10 Key Questions for Tunbridge Wells Council about Southborough Hub Development Led by Cllr Dianne Hill, Labour Borough Councillors have obtained a meeting with officers of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to get answers to 10 key questions about the Southborough Hub Development. Questions include why Hub meetings have been held in secret without any attempt […]

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