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Antonio Weiss: Labour Candidate 2019

Archived from December 2019

Dr Antonio Weiss has been selected as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Tunbridge Wells Constituency in the 2019 General Election. Antonio is an experienced Labour activist and currently serves as a Councillor and Cabinet Member on Harrow Council, north-west London. He is a campaigner and advisor to public services, international best-selling author, and company founder and director.

On hearing of his selection, Antonio said: “With strong local family ties and a deep understanding of local issues, my aim is to build on our second place in the 2017 election, (when the Liberal Democrats came a distant third), to secure a Labour victory in Tunbridge Wells. Labour will safeguard future generations by tackling the climate emergency. It will build genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy. It will stop the unnecessary misery caused by Conservative/Liberal Democrat austerity, and give our schools, the NHS, and emergency services the funding they need. It will also heal the divisions of Brexit by giving a People’s Vote on any deal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Together we can overturn the Conservatives in Tunbridge Wells and deliver a transformation of Britain for the many, not the few.”

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