Excellent result for Labour in Tunbridge Wells Constituency









Election Candidate Party % Votes
Greg Clark Conservative 57% – Elected
Charles Francis Woodgate Labour 27%
Rachel Cerys Sadler Liberal Democrat 10%
Chris Hoare UK Independence Party 3%
Trevor Tyrone Bisdee Green Party 3%
Celine Thomas Women’s Equality Party 1%

Vote share change since 2015

Labour +12.3%
Liberal Democrat +1.4%
Women’s Equality Party +1.3%
Conservative -1.8%
Green Party -2.5%

UKIP – 9.9%

Thanks to our candidate Charles Woodgate and everyone who worked for Labour, supported Labour, donated to Labour and voted Labour. Across the constituency and the country all that effort has made a difference. Don’t anyone tell you it hasn’t!!!

Statement about the election result

“Whilst we congratulate Greg Clark on his re-election in Tunbridge Wells we would point out that he is the only Conservative candidate in Kent, Medway, and nearby East Sussex constituencies to have suffered a loss in his share of the vote by – 1.8%. Meanwhile, our candidate Charles Woodgate secured an increase in the Labour share of the vote by +12.3%, a 7% swing to Labour.

We achieved the best vote and the best share of the vote for a Labour candidate since the constituency was formed in 1974.

There were many people in a constituency that voted Remain who felt betrayed by their MP serving in a government that is supporting a hard Brexit and driving through budget cuts that are devastating our health and public services. The increase in Labour’s vote was an endorsement of a manifesto of hope, a softer jobs-driven Brexit, and an end to austerity.

We take inspiration from voters in Canterbury, and the surge in support from young people. We look forward to a further opportunity to get rid of this lame duck government. We continue efforts to elect a new Labour MP at the next election – whenever that might be.”

Martin Betts
Election Agent and Campaign Manager
on behalf of Charles Woodgate and Tunbridge Wells Constituency Labour Party

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