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    Working for those sunny uplands… 2021 and beyond

    For most of us, this year has been dreadful. For those who have lost friends and relatives to the COVID virus it has been heartbreaking. The government’s incompetent handling of the pandemic will have negative consequences for all of us for years to come. It has been made worse by their negotiation of one of the hardest possible Brexit deals.

    Our new leadership team has quickly made its mark. It has exposed and attacked the incompetence of a Prime Minister who fails to deliver on his exaggerated and dangerous promises. This is a good start, but we need to do a lot better. By 2024 the Tories will have then been in power for 15 years and Labour will need to beat the electoral achievements of Attlee and Blair to win an election.

    This is a formidable task and needs the united effort of the leadership team and all Labour members and supporters. We need to be as one explaining our policies and showing Labour values in action in our communities.

    Despite lock-down limitations many Labour members have been supporting their neighbours and working with voluntary organisations, food banks and community larders. Added to this our hard-working parish, town and borough councillors have been pushing for COVID support for the most vulnerable and pressing for more community facilities, social housing and taking action on our biggest existential threat – climate change.

    As our membership card says ‘we achieve more together than we do alone’. Let’s all pledge to look forward and wave the Labour flag in whatever way we can. Wherever we live in the constituency from Hawkhurst to Speldhurst let’s talk up Labour in our daily conversations, write to the press, campaign, and work to get more Borough and County councillors elected.

    It is what we are in politics to do, to get involved, to change things for the better and work together – in friendship – for a common goal.

    I wish you and your families a happy, quickly vaccinated, and healthy 2021.

    In solidarity,

    Martin Betts,

    Acting Chair, TW Constituency Labour Party